Tangentyere Council

Tangentyere Council
Central Australia
Aboriginal Service
Full Description

Services include:

  • Central Australian Youth Link Up Service (CAYLUS) which supports community initiatives that improve the quality of life and address substance misuse affecting young people in Central Australia.
  • Children and Youth Family and Domestic Violence Service- Case management and support available to 12-17 year olds who are victims or perpetrators of family and domestic violence.
  • Drum Atweme group engages young people from Town Camps in Alice Springs, who often experience marginalisation and provides them opportunities for positive social engagement in a range of contexts.
  • Emergency Relief- Food vouchers available to eligible clients in need of support.
  • Intensive Family Preservation Service (IFPS) works exclusively with families referred for support by the Territory Families, and provides family focused child centred case management including therapeutic intervention from a strengths based perspective.  This service has a strong commitment to culturally safe practice.
  • Integrated Support Program.  The Integrated Support Program provides a holistic response to individuals/families and communities where alcohol use is causing significant harm to the individual or extended family/community.  The program does this by assisting clients to access support services that address the social determinants of health and the underlying drivers of unmanaged alcohol use.
  • Land and Learning Program is a school based program which seeks to enhance students' self esteem by drawing together traditional ecological and Western knowledge and land management principles to provide outcomes, sequenced activities and assessment tools to teach land care knowledge and skills to students.
  • Men's Behaviour Program.  This 24 week program is for men who use family and domestic violence and want to change their violent behaviour.
  • Night and Youth Patrol- Transport to a place of safety or home is available to intoxicated persons and/ or transport home available to youth on the street at night.  This service operates from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Proof of Identification Service- Assistance is available to individuals who are having difficult obtaining identification documents.
  • Safe Families Program which aims to enhance outcomes for young Indigenous people.  This program includes Children's Safe House, which provides short term out of home care with a strong focus on cultural security to children aged 5-12 years.
  • Tenancy Support Program- Case management, support and financial counselling is available to individuals and families at risk of losing their tenancy.
  • Town Camp Community Centres provide wide ranging locational support to Town Camp residents through co-ordinated service delivery, including provision of community driven location specific programs and activities which support community safety and wellbeing.
  • Youth Activity Service (YAS) operates a wide range of structured activities for Indigenous children and young people living on Town Camps in Alice Springs.


Phone Number
(08) 8951 4222
Street Address
4 Elder Street
Alice Springs
Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8:30-5:00pm

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