Useful Family Law Information

Commonwealth Courts Portal

The Commonwealth Courts Portal is an initiative of the Family Court of Australia, Federal Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia.  It enables people to access information about their cases before the courts.

Family Law Term Finder

Family Law Term Finder is an enriched online dictionary of words and phrases used in Australian Family Law and mediation services.  It explains their meaning in simple language, with examples to show how they are used in official and legal material you may be reading.  It gives audio-recordings of each term and definition, and where possible, sets of terms are shown together in diagrams and tables to show how they relate to each other.

Family Relationships Online

Family Relationships Online provides all families (whether together or separated) with access to information about family relationship issues, ranging from building better relationships to dispute resolution.  It also allows families to find out about a range of services that can assist them to manage relationship issues, including agreeing on appropriate arrangements for children after parents separate.

Federal Circuit Court of Australia

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia website includes information on a range of topics for people experiencing separation and legal professionals.  Topics include separation and divorce (how to apply for a divorce), parenting, missing children, court orders, property and finance, family violence, Child Dispute Service (Family Reports and Child Dispute Conferences), going to court and court processes in Family Law Matters.

Parenting Orders

“Parenting orders-what do you need to know” has been prepared by the Attorney-General’s Department with the assistance of Professor Richard Chisholm AM. It is a practical resource to assist parents with drafting parenting orders.  It will also be helpful to people assisting parents, including legal practitioners, counsellors and mediators. Importantly, it will help people produce clearly written parenting orders that are made with the best interests of the child at heart.

Parenting Plans

The Parenting Plans brochure includes a range of information for parents to take into consideration when making a parenting plan.  This includes information on what is a parenting plan, who can make them and what can be included in a parenting plan.

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