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Megan Hunter Webinar: Flipping the Script on the Most Difficult People During Difficult Times

April 7, 2020 @ 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

What is this webinar about:

People with high conflict behavior patterns are the most difficult people to work with, work for, and to serve as customers, clients, students, parishioners, neighbors, and to deal with in our families—especially in difficult times. Their behaviors get under our skin, make our hearts race, enrage and sometimes scare us. Their blaming and sometimes hostile communications disrupt our day and cause us a lot of stress consciously and subconsciously. Bottom line, they cause high levels of stress for those around them resulting from 4 core high-conflict issues:

  1. unmanaged emotions
  2. all-or-nothing thinking
  3. extreme behaviors
  4. preoccupation with blaming everyone else.

They are not born bad . . . they are just people with behaviors shaped by past trauma, temperament at birth, and genetics in some cases . . . and they do not know their behaviors are working against them. There is a way to improve interactions with people who display high conflict patterns of behavior but it’s opposite of what we know to do and are used to doing, or what we feel like doing.

This entertaining and educational keynote/workshop by author and high conflict expert, Megan Hunter, MBA, unveils the driving force (the complicated operating system) behind their behaviors and how to take opposite actions, which are not obvious or natural, with those who exhibit these behaviors. The training starts with a cursory understanding of the neuroscience of the high conflict personality—the fear-based operating system that drives their behaviors. This understanding increases our empathy and thus our ability to manage interactions more successfully by focusing on helping them feel safe. Next, a focus on planning for structure and setting limits is provided before shifting into the practical skills necessary to communicate in writing using our popular BIFF Response® method and our Calm2Think™ method with EAR Statements™ (Empathy, Attention, Respect).

Please note this event is for Family Law Pathways Members only.  There are limited registrations as the event is being hosted with other Family Law Pathways Networks in Australia.  The webinar is being held on AEST time zone, please check the time zone closer to the date of the webinar.


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