We provide separating and separated families with access to services as quickly and seamlessly as possible.  For this to occur collaboration between the family law system and community service providers is required.  The family law system includes the Family Courts, government agencies and departments and legal services.  Separating families also access such community service providers as Police, drug and alcohol, mental health, counselling, family violence and Aboriginal services.  For families making their way through the family law system, a clear pathway is formed when they understand their legal and non-legal options for resolving a dispute and can access services best suited to their situation.

The Alice Springs Family Law Pathways Network (FLPN) is made up of a Project Officer, FLPN Steering Committee and FLPN Members.  It is also part of a greater, national network of FLPNs that are based in other areas throughout Australia.

FLPN Project Officer
The role of the FLPN Project Officer is to carry out the FLPNs aims through the distribution of information, development of resources, coordinating events such as forums, workshops, FLPN Members Meetings and Community Legal Education Sessions for FLPN Members.

FLPN Steering Committee
The FLPN Steering Committee includes representatives from a variety of government and non-government organisations in the community service and family law sectors who have a continuing interest in supporting and enhancing services to separating and separated families.  The role of the FLPN Steering Committee is to work collaboratively with the FLPN Project Officer to identify, develop and drive the activities of the FLPN and to ensure these are consistent with the FLPNs aims.

FLPN Members
Membership is open to any employee of a service, organisation or other network coordinator in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek which provides services consistent with the FLPNs aim.  This includes working collaboratively across the family law and community service sectors to ensure improved services are provided to separating and separated families as they navigate through the family law system.  There are no membership fees.

If you wish to become a FLPN member or update your details, please contact the FLPN Project Officer.

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